Beware the Loquat.

Due to my laptop being stolen and a series of events that followed (A.K.A. a quarter-life crisis) I have decided to discontinue 365 Video Blog.  I took the robbery on the 6th day of the project as a sign that making a video a day for an entire year just wasn’t in the cards for me.

However, I’m not leaving the video blogosphere completely.  I have chosen to start a new blog, Beware the Loquat.  Beware the Loquat will be dedicated to all of the things I like– namely, video, art, culture, animation, literature and the bizarre.

Today I posted my first video and post on Beware the Loquat.  I hope you’ll check it out and follow the progress of my new blog!


New Computer, New Video. Finally.

So I finally have a new computer and, therefore, am finally able to upload another video!  The video is a claymation video I made for stop motion sundays… I hope you all enjoy it!

As a side note, I am still trying to figure out what’s happening with the blog.  It is becoming less and less likely that I will have the time and energy to make and post a video every single day for a year… Since my computers were stolen I got a new job that is much more time consuming than my last and I have taken on a lot of other projects and responsibilities.  Rest assured, I will continue to do something and I will let you know what’s going on as soon as I figure it out!

Thanks for your patience…

I should be getting a new computer in 2 weeks and then I will be back with a new and improved little piece of sunshine for you all!  Thanks for sticking around 🙂

6/365 4:30am Blues

Well, after I was robbed I made this video at 4:30am… and don’t I look lovely?

i knew i shouldn’t have walked under that ladder…

So you may have noticed that I didn’t post a video yet today and thought to yourself “I thought she said she’d post a video everyday no matter what happened!” The truth is, I thought for sure that I would– whether it was rainy or sunny, whether I was tired or sick, or even if a UFO landed and a 3-eyed blue monster got out and told me to stop making videos. Unfortunately, last night the one thing that I hadn’t taken into consideration happened… and it’s only the 6th day!!

I arrived home from a friend’s bachelorette party around 1:30am and noticed that all my lights were on, my front door was unlocked, the bars on my window were ripped off and laying on the ground outside and both of my laptops were missing in action. Luckily the laptops were the only things that were missing and (most importantly!!) my dog, Shechi, was unharmed.

However, it seems that without my computers I am completely incapable of making videos every day. Rest assured, once I get set up with a new computer I will resume the project but I can’t say exactly when that will be for now… computers are expensive! I’ll be sure to keep updating you all when I can.

Another thing that really blows is that I had prepared about 2 weeks worth of videos in advance and they were all waiting on one of the laptops to be posted. I vaguely remember moving some of them to an external hard drive last week so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they aren’t all gone forever and I can post a few of them in the meantime while I’m waiting on a new computer.

In any case, stay tuned for updates and I just want to say that BAHHHHHHHH THIS TOTALLY SUCKS!!!!!

5/365 I Like TV Theme Songs, Woo! AKA “Cosby Show Remix”

Hey everyone, it’s “Things I Like Thursday”, the day when I make a video about something that I like!

Something that I am quite fond of is television theme songs, particularly television theme songs from the 80s.  The Cosby Show theme is one of my favorites.  Anyhow, when I was in college I took a studio recording class and while I was in the class learning how to use ProTools I make a remix of the Cosby Show theme song.

I remixed the sound, added a beat (a beat known as the “Run DMC Beat” made by my friend Chris Sousa and myself, woo!), and cut it together with some video from the actual Cosby Show opening credits and here it is!  Enjoy 🙂

p.s. Just for the record– I am not claiming to have produced any of the actual footage from the Cosby Show or written and played the original Cosby Show theme.  This is just something I mixed and edited together for fun.

4/365 Would you rather have no elbows OR no knees?

Hi!  It’s “Would You Rather?” Wednesday and what I want to know is, would you rather have no elbows or no knees??

If you have no elbows you can’t really do anything with your arms– you can’t bring your hand to your mouth to eat, you can’t write or type very comfortably, if you have an itch on your back (or anywhere for that matter) you certainly can’t scratch it.

On the other hand, if you have no knees you can’t walk comfortably and can’t run at all, every time you sit down you have to stick your legs straight out in front of you and if a bad, bad, scary man is chasing you you’re chances of outrunning him are slim to nothing.

Check out the video to see what I chose, as well as what a couple of my friends chose.  Then let me know what you would rather!!

p.s.  I wanna send a shout out to Gina and Yossi for being awesome in my video, woo!  Oh, and Shechi too of course… Yay for Gina and Yossi and Shechi and yay for Shout-Outs!!